Login to the Intembeko ORCID hub

Login to the Intembeko ORCID hub

The hub requires you to login so that it can identify which institution who are associated with. It also writes some of the information collected via the login process to your ORCID record.

Step 1

To start click on the Logo Jekyll button in the top right had corner.

Step 2

Search for your institution in the search box .Your institution will be remembered on subsiquent visits, if you using the same device. It will not be remembered if you cleared your browser cache or using a new device.

Logo Jekyll

Selecting your university will redirect you to your university’s login page where you can login with your university credentials

Step 3

Once you have loggged in, some basic information about you gets passed on to the Intembeko ORCID hub

                   - First Name Surname
                   - Email address
                   - Employement affiliation ( staff or student )

This information is needed in the next step