This is the instutional admin section for the Intembeko ORCID hub.

Prior to using the Intembeko ORCID Hub, your organisation must be onboarded to the application. Onboarding involves being authenticated in the Hub, using the Hub to obtain API credentials for your organisation from ORCID, and entering these into the Hub.

As part of the onboarding process, your organisation will be enrolled to use the Intenbeko ORCID hub sandbox environment, where you can test and use the features of Intembeko without making changes to real ORCID records. The Intembeko ORCID hub sandbox environment talks to the ORCID sandbox environment. To do any testing, you and the people you are testing with will need to create a test ORCID record by going to the ORCID sandbox website.

Please note that the sandbox is configured to send emails only to addresses. is a free inbox testing service; for more information, see the mailinator website In order to receive emails from the sandbox, please make the primary address on your sandbox test account a address.

Once you have demonstrated that you are familiar with Intembeko’s features, you can request access to the production environment. When you do the demonstration, TENET/ORCID may ask you to show that you can write affiliation or works to a researcher’s ORCID record.

Lastly, your institution will also need to be participating in the South African Identity Federation (SAFIRE)

A how to guide for some of the hub functions can be found here